Ten General Actions That Can Generate Legacy Donations

1. In every issue of your newsletter, make sure to include a small box with your organization's full legal name and a simple statement about legacy donations.

2. Adopt a gift acceptance policy which addresses donations other than outright cash.

3. Establish a Legacy Society which would list your supporters and acknowledge that they have included your organization in their estate plans. This recognition process could include such items as a plaque in the lobby, and a listing in the newsletter and/or annual report. This will encourage others to add their own names by doing their own planning.

4. Set up an endowment fund if you do not already have one, with an expectation that larger legacy gifts will be placed there.

5. Establish goals for your endowment fund, based on anticipated needs over the next 10-20+ years.

6. Join the Western New York Planned Giving Consortium, our local planned giving council and learn more about gift planning. Then network with development officers and the professional advisors in our community.

7. Set up or re-evaluate your financial investment policy.

8. Consider making your own legacy gift to the charities of your choice.

9. Set up a committee to meet with your closest supporters and share your plans.

10. Consider hiring a planned giving consultant for a year or two to help you get started.