Specific Actions Financial and Estate Planners Can Take

1. Sign on to partner with LEAVE A LEGACY®.

2. Sign on to support LEAVE A LEGACY® financially.

3. Familiarize yourself, your office partners and staff with the LEAVE A LEGACY®Western New York program.

4. Run a series of articles about LEAVE A LEGACY® in any newsletters or regular communication you have with clients. Include any testimonials from your clients about their giving.

5. Mail free LEAVE A LEGACY® brochures to your clients with a personally signed cover letter. (First 200 free)

6. Use the LEAVE A LEGACY® logo in all materials about gift planning.

7. Add a line asking about interest in charitable giving to any estate planning publication.

8. Respond promptly to any inquiries with a packet of information. Set aside time to follow up.

9. Assist in data gathering to help assess community-wide LEAVE A LEGACY®Western New York effectiveness in changing behavior through benchmark and annual progress surveys.

10. Share LEAVE A LEGACY® where you play or pray, and with family and friends.

11. Join one of our LEAVE A LEGACY® Sub-Committees and help raise community awareness!



1. Join the Western New York Planned Giving Consortium to learn more about gift planning and network with local allied and development professionals.

2. Serve on a charitable board or gift planning committee to assist charities in securing donations.

3. Consider making your own legacy gift to the charities of your choice.