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Marjorie Chun was a woman of faith who treated both body and soul. She died last year, but a gift in her estate plan means the hospital where she worked will have a new chapel. Thanks to Dr. Chun, people who are hurting will have a place to seek peace.

Marjorie C , Oct 29th, 2007

Maria never missed a classical concert. Hearing the works of the old masters made her heart soar. She died last year, but the music she loved is still playing. Thanks to a bequest in her will, her beloved orchestra won't miss a beat.
Maria G , Oct 29th, 2007

Ralph spent hours fishing with his grandchildren. In 1997, he was buried next to his favorite fishing hole. To stock it for his great-grandchildren, he made a bequest to a local conservation organization in his will. Thanks to Ralph, fish are still biting.
Ralph M , Oct 29th, 2007

Lester never finished school, but he worked there until his death in 1992. Mopping floors didn't make him rich, but it taught him the value of education. Thanks to his bequest to the tutoring program, things will add up for a few more students.
Lester B , Oct 29th, 2007