Speaker Request Form

Please select one of the presentation options.  The available options are:

IT'S NOW OR NEVER - A 35-40 minute presentation designed to get your board on board. Looks at the differences between annual giving and planned giving. Discusses the importance of a planned giving program in your organization.

BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN SO MUCH... - A 30 minute presentation which includes a more technical presentation on planned giving aimed at board and donor audiences.

EMPOWERING DONORS TO SECURE YOUR ORGANIZATION'S FUTURE - This 30 minute presentation takes a look at your organization's readiness to begin its planned giving program and how to get started.

The following information is requested so that we are able to provide your organization with the appropriate speaker.

Will the LEAVE A LEGACY® speaker be part of a larger meeting or the focus of the meeting?

Can your organization provide the speaker with the following audio/visual equipment?

  PowerPoint projector and screen
  Overhead projector and screen